Just to the east and north of Curridabat is the community of Tres Ríos. This sprawling and winding town is seeing quite a few gated communities being built and marketed to the Costa Rican middle class. Otherwise, Tres Ríos is basically a bedroom community that reminds one of San Pedro or Sabanilla. 

Another 18 kilometers to 20 kilometers east past San Jose’s western suburbs and you’re in Cartago, a nice little city that was the first capital of Costa Rica. Cartago is home to the largest and most beautiful cathedral in the country, also known as La Basilica; the cathedral is the destination of the annual pilgrimage in honor of the Virgin of Los Angeles. The pilgrimage takes place every August. Literally millions of people make the journey every year, usually starting from San Jose, although there are always a few devotees that walk all the way from Guanacaste or the Southern Zone. 

Cartago and its surroundings are at a higher elevation than San Jose, and therefore a little more chilly and rainy. The air, however, is clean, and the views are spectacular. There is plenty of space to build, which is usually what foreigners choose to do in that part of the country. Quite a few services are still available, but further away. The style of living for those who chose Cartago and its environs is much more rural.

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