San Ramon

San Ramón (pop. ~70,000), is a great place to live given its terrific climate, friendly people, wide array of services, and proximity to both the Pacific coast and to San José.  Home to ex-Presidents and leading literary figures, San Ramón (locals are affectionately called moncheňos) is known as the “City of Poets and Presidents.”  Additionally, the area’s value-priced real estate makes it one of the best places to invest in Costa Rica.  

San Ramón is directly off the Inter-American highway heading northwest from San José, and is only a 35-minute drive from the airport to town, and an additional 35 minutes to the nearest beach.  It has a shopping mall, modern movie theatre, cultural center/museum, and many supermarkets and restaurants.  There is a major hospital, many doctors’ offices, and the only branch of the University of Costa Rica outside of San José. 

Surrounded by lush mountains and at 3400 feet above sea level, temperatures usually range from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit every day of the year.  Air conditioning and heating are not necessary.  During the rainy season, from June through December, one can expect sunshine in the morning and rain showers in the mid to late afternoon. The skies tend to clear toward the early evening.

Until recently, there was a limited selection of high-quality homes in the San Ramón area but this is changing as communities catering to foreign retirees are sprouting up rapidly.  However, because development is still relatively new, real estate remains under-priced compared to other towns in the Central Valley.  

The Magallanes section of San Ramón, just five minutes west of town, has three developments for those interested in higher quality infrastructure and homes.  Finished homes range from $220,000 to $350,000.  Homes at these prices usually come with granite countertops, tiles roofs, and other luxurious features.  Home sites are generally 1.25 acres of land (5,000 square meters) with ocean and mountain views.  The price for a lot in an ocean-view community here is usually between $45,000 and $112,000.  These neighborhoods provide electric, water, and telephone infrastructure.  High-speed Internet service using the latest Wimax technology is available as well. 

Solid home construction with quality finishing ranges from $75 and $95 per square foot.  Some builders will bid much lower, but oftentimes will surprise the client by not including everything one would expect in the quoted price.  Therefore, it is imperative to work with a reputable builder, prepare a detailed contract, and speak with several other clients who have used the builder. 

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