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  1. Undoubtedly one of the highlights of touring downtown San José is the city’s Central Market or Mercado Central. Most anyone who strolls down Avenida Central is bound to stumble upon the structure since it takes up a whole city block. Guidebooks say a tour to San José would not be complete without visiting this important … Continue reading Expats retirees should visit San Jose’s “other” downtown market
  2. As we age our health becomes our most valuable asset and exercise is a key component for staying healthy. In previous articles I have written about the many options that Costa Rica offers for those who want to stay physically fit like gyms. It seems that everyday there are more and more gyms being built … Continue reading A “Free” Exercise Option for Expat Retirees in Costa Rica
  3. For Costa Ricans the possibility of dying prematurely before reaching 70 years old of cancer, heart problems, diabetes or other chronic diseases is 11.1 percent. This is the lowest figure in Latin America and second in the Americas, only behind Canada (9.8). As a matter of fact, Costa Rica is ranked nineteenth in the world … Continue reading Costa Rica is a Healthy Country for Costa Ricans and Expat Retirees
  4. Anyone who reads my blogs is bound to notice that I love to write about the country’s culture, especially its variety of delicious foods. One rewarding experiences for expat retirees living in Costa is the opportunity to savor the country’s many tradition foods. One such food is Palmito cheese. It is usually sold in round … Continue reading The History of Costa Rica’s Palmito Cheese
  5. A few weeks ago I wrote about a museum of medicine that opened at a medical school in San Jose’s suburb of Tibás. In the past I have also authored articles about some of the country’s other unique museums for retired expats to visit like the insect museum located at the University of Costa Rica … Continue reading ICE has a New Museum
  6. In Costa Rica there is always “something for everyone and everything for someone” including expat retirees. As a retiree in Costa Rica you don’t have any excuse for not staying busy unless you are lazy. A new National Museum of Sciences and Health (el Museo Nacional de Ciencias de la Salud) opened at the end … Continue reading A New Museum for Retirees to Visit
  7. About a week ago I wrote about the annual Gallo Pinto festival which takes place in downtown San José. Imaginen that enough was prepared to feed 25,000 people. Well, it turns out that almost nobody knows how this savory dish was created and by whom. Believe it or not it did not originate Central America … Continue reading The History of Gallo Pinto for Expats
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