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  1. Although I work with and recommend a local expert on U.S. taxes, I have included the article below that is written by another specialist in the field of tax obligations for expats. It is always good to have a second opinion, especially when providing information about such a delicate subject. Retiring may absolve you of … Continue reading Tax Responsibilities for Expat Retirees and Others from the United States
  2. Are my medical costs any lower since I moved to Costa Rica? Message from Dr. Jimmy Lee I moved to Costa Rica to run away from the rat race that is life in the USA. I have settled in and I feel comfortable living here……… BUT!  When I visit a doctor in Costa Rica I … Continue reading An expat retirees take on Costa Rica’s medical system
  3. Driving in Costa Rica is not for the faint of heart. In fact, as one expat remarked, “driving a car in Costa Rica is at times is like playing a video game.” After living here for almost 40 years I can asure you that my friends comments are partially true. However, with a little practice … Continue reading Advice about driving in Costa Rica for expat retirees
  4. In my last article I wrote about Costa Rica being the second most affordable country in the world for health care. Only Malaysia tops this country for inexpensive medical care. Access to affordable medical care is extremely important when choosing a country to retire abroad. In the same article I mention that Costa Rica is … Continue reading Three of Costa Rica’s Private Hospitals make significant improvements
  5. A recent article published by International Living praised the quality of medical care in Costa Rica. This comes as no surprise to me since I have experienced Costa Rica’s health care first-hand during the 37 years I have lived in the country. Expat retirees who live here will echo my sentiments. The country has a … Continue reading Future retirees will be pleased to know that Costa Rica is among the five best countries with affordable health care
  6. Retired expats and others can enjoy a multitude of natural wonders while living in Costa Rica. Tortuguero National Park is one area that is definitely worth visiting. In fact, tour guides who live in the areas consider it to be the country’s version of the Amazon because of its topography, flora and fauna. The park … Continue reading A Costa Rican Amazon for Retirees
  7. In the past I have written hundreds of articles about how to stay busy and happy in Costa Rica. There are virtually hundreds of activities here from which to choose, so expat retirees have no excuse for being bored. Recently, the United Nations declared June 21st to be International Yoga Day. In honor of this … Continue reading More about yoga for retired expats in Costa Rica
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