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  1. Costa Rica was chosen as the second best country to live abroad, according to a survey conducted by the expat website InterNations. The organization polled more than 12,500 of its expat members from 166 different nationalities to get their opinion on their adopted countries. More than 40 factors were evaluated such as quality of life, … Continue reading Costa Rica is the number 2 expat destination in the world. Why?
  2. Since I have been involved in Latin America for almost 50 years I consider myself more than qualified to correct the country ratings recently released by International Living. I am a Costa Rican citizen and have lived in Mexico and visited every country in Latin America at one time or another. Furthermore, I have graduate … Continue reading International Living Erroneously Ranks Latin American Countries for Relocation
  3. Let’s look at the why it is easy for retirees and expats of all ages choose to relocate to Costa Rica. Distance – Costa Rica is conveniently located only a few hours from Houston, Dallas, Atlanta and Miami. Costa Rica has had a large expat community for three decades and it is easy to meet … Continue reading It is now easier that ever to relocate to Costa Rica for the reasons below
  4. Like many European-style markets where visitors go to shop and take home a piece of the country, there is a new project that promises to transform three downtown icons into the epicenter of tourism and culture. The Borbón Market, Central Market and Coca-Cola bus terminal all will be refurbished as part of a new project … Continue reading Exciting new plans for San José’s downtown markets and Old post office
  5. Recently, Costa Rica celebrated its Independence Day on September 15th. Many future expats as well as those who are residing here now do not know how Costa Rica’s name evolved. Originally, it was thought that Christopher Columbus gave the country the name of “Rich Coast,” after seeing the indigenous people’s abundance of gold ornaments. However, … Continue reading Why our country is called Costa Rica and the origin of “Pura Vida”
  6. On my monthly relocation tours I always tell my clients that, “the worst here is far better than the worst in the States.” In fact, after living here for almost 40 years I can categorically state that Costa Rica is not perfect but far better than most places. I have truly had a blessed life … Continue reading The biggest error you can make if you choose to relocate to Costa Rica
  7. Don’t misinterpret what I say in this article. I am originally from the U.S. and would not be living in Costa Rica if it were not for the opportunities I received for being born a North American. The United States is in trouble. All one has to do is watch news programs from there to … Continue reading Relocation to Costa Rica sounds more appealing than ever
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