Golfito has a lot of real estate potential. Like the Dominical-Ojochal area, talk of a government-promised new international airport for the region is boosting prices. If it ever actually happens, tourism and real estate will explode, just as it did in Northwest Guanacaste after the opening of the new airport in Liberia.

Another factor playing a principle role in defining the fortunes of the area’s real estate market is the announcement of a new marina planned for the town. Such a large infrastructure investment is extremely important for a region trying to leverage its tourist potential. Right now, tourists are more likely to be of the more adventurous kind, those coming to buy duty-free appliances, and surfers looking for waves in beaches like Pavones.

The marina will bring in higher-spending tourists, including sports fishermen, their families, and the yachting crowd. For now though, this is all speculation, as large infrastructure developments in Costa Rica tend to take a very long time to materialize, if they ever do. For now, Golfito remains a place of Tico homes, colonial buildings, a few small hotels, and several large parcels of land outside town. Prices are lower than the Dominical-Ojochal area for now, as getting to the area from San José takes at least five hours.

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